8. März 2024
8. März 2024
19:30 - 21:30
Ruhrtalstraße 345, 45219 Essen   View map
19.30 Uhr
Einlass ab
18.0 Uhr

Tickets: 23,00 € /18,00 € (Schüler, Studenten & Auszubildende)

Großer Saal

Veranstalter: Interessengemeinschaft Bahnhof Kettwig e.V.
Tickets buchbar unter oder persönlich im Alten Bahnhof Kettwig oder bei den Buchhandlungen Decker und Folgner in Essen-Kettwig

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John Worthing leads a double life. In the country he is responsible, strict Uncle Jack, taking excellent care of the education of his young ward Cecily. To escape the rather boring country life, he has invented a troubled young brother named Earnest who he must regularly visit in London, but in London he poses as Earnest himself and falls in love with the honourable Gwendolen Fairfax. His friend Algernon Moncrieff has himself created the imaginary Bunbury, an invalid he has to take care of in the country.  When Algernon discovers Jack’s secret, he travels to his country house and, under the pretense of being Earnest, woos Cecily. When Jack, Gwendolen and her formidable mother Lady Bracknell also arrive in the country, chaos ensues…

Oscar Wildes erfolgreiche Farce ist ein brillantes Feuerwerk witziger Dialoge!

Eine wunderbar clevere Komödie von einem der größten Autoren der englischen Sprache IN ENGLISCHER SPRACHE